I can do that with one arm tied behind my back

Monday night, I was playing soccer and as I went to juke a defender, I stepped on the ball and fell down.

It was a bit slick, having rained most of the afternoon, but I still felt pretty foolish as I hopped back up and kept playing.

I also felt like I broke my hand.

What?! Surely the tingling in my fingers and nauseating ache near the base of my wrist would go away. But, I found myself instinctively holding my arm close to my body and as still as I could manage. (While still playing of course. 😉 )

Ten minutes went by and an ominous lump and increasing pain made me call for a sub. Long story short, I drove myself 20 minutes to a friend’s house where my family was eating dinner, then later I drove myself the 20 minutes to Urgent Care and 20 minutes home wearing a temporary cast and with instructions to see a hand specialist.


  • Mackenzie got to pick my splint colors, so I’m sporting one with two lovely shades of purple.
  • Scott is on a fairly easy month, work-wise, so we’ve seen him every day. I keep him hopping when he’s here and he makes great headway on things like chopping veggies for dinner, folding t-shirts, and scrubbing pots – all things I struggle with doing with one arm. Next up? Clipping itty bitty fingernails.
  • It’s kind of nice to relax my expectations for a while. Oatmeal for lunch, wrinkled clothes, dusty shelves… I’m sure they’ll get old eventually but for now it’s sort of liberating not to worry about the minor things.
  • I am tough! I’ve only taken a couple of tylenol so far and truly the pain has been manageable, probably because it doesn’t hold a candle to childbirth.
  • I am beefing up my resume. Surely hanging a blow-out diaper one-handed must be a marketable skill. No? What about buckling two kids into carseats with only one opposable thumb?
  • What’s life without adventure?


  • This morning while changing clothes, I got tangled up in my shirt and for a few panicked moments was afraid I’d be stuck until Scott came home at night to rescue me.
  • Hundreds of mundane daily tasks now require major effort along with patience and some ingenuity. Try opening play dough tubs, nursing a wiggly baby, slicing an onion, scooping up an inconsolable baby from the bottom of a crib, or putting a ponytail in your hair with one arm. Tricky.
  • M now must wear boots because I haven’t figured out how to tie her shoelaces.
  • Speaking of shoelaces, after much travail I succeeded in loosely tying my own for my doctor’s appointment and opted to nap with my shoes on that afternoon just in case I needed to leave the house again.
  • On a similar vein, I slept in my ponytail last night in hopes I wouldn’t have to re-do it this morning.
  • No luck on that front.

About beanland

Scott is a family practice doctor and Anne is a full-time mother and teacher to three beautiful girls and one boy.
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5 Responses to I can do that with one arm tied behind my back

  1. Angie kelly says:

    Ouch! I’m glad I was able to see you though. I hope it heals fast. You left your soccer clothes at the Burts and I bagged them up for you. Not sure if they got ahold of you. They are in NY rt now. You are one tough lady! Thank Scott for bringing the girls. Come visit us!


  2. cwcohio says:

    oh, not fun. i played volleyball last week…first time in at least 3 yrsr and I spranged my ankle….I didn’t even notice till I got home and the pain finally hit me. Hopefully it gets better quickly!!!


  3. Lonica says:

    Probably shouldn’t, but your new-found skills make me laugh. I’m sorry you’re hurt and I hope your hand heals quickly.


  4. limi07 says:

    Feel better soon Anne. Despite your injury you still managed to make me want to grab a soccer ball and play 🙂


  5. Nancy says:

    oh man!! Ouch. Mom’s aren’t supposed to break arms… either that or we should get to grow a temporary one until the old one heals.
    Another positive is that its summer and you could wear slip on shoes. You have nice hair so letting it hang down (wildly if necessary) could just be part of your summer look! Maybe have Mackenzie try to pull it into a low ponytail? Or you could wear a hat. 🙂
    Hope it heals quickly!


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