Moment of the Week – July 20th

When Scott asked for the plastic bag

Scott and I had a hot date to the new Harry Potter movie, in the “big” theater! Hot dates out are a rarity these days and we fully prepared by watching all other Harry Potter movies in the few weeks leading up to the screening.

We dropped our children off at our new friends’ house who were gracious enough to watch them. Because we’re running late, Scott decided on a whim to also release the chipmunk from our humane trap in their yard instead of the park en route to the theater as planned.

Mistake A: If we didn’t want the chipmunk eating up our vegetable garden, why would we expect New Friends to want that rascal in their yard? This thought never crossed our mind. And truth be told, probably never would have if it weren’t for…

Mistake B: The chipmunk was looking a bit peaky after having spent a hot hour in the trap. I moved the trap to the shade as soon as I saw it had sprung, and even offered water and seeds to the poor garden-muncher, but he would have none of it. We reasoned that he would perk up after being released in the cool, lush grass in their front yard.

When we returned from the fabulous movie, I sent Scott over to The Spot to see if it had indeed, perked up. He joined me inside a minute later to pick up the girls and casually asked for a plastic bag.

I just about choked.

As did our New Friend when she heard we deposited a dead rodent on her front lawn. Scott assured her that it was technically breathing when we left it. I’m not sure that helped the situation any, but we are still friends so all’s well that ends well I suppose.

Unless you’re that chipmunk. 😦


About beanland

Scott is a family practice doctor and Anne is a full-time mother and teacher to three beautiful girls and one boy.
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2 Responses to Moment of the Week – July 20th

  1. Lauren Stacey says:

    Well I guess we won’t be inviting you guys over any time soon! jk:)


  2. camillecraw says:

    That’s really funny! Thanks for sharing! Congrats on the walking Caitlyn. Ben is walking too! Isn’t it cute! I love it! he also says Ball now in addition to mom and dad! Love it!


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