Moment of the Week – September 24th 2011

When the Dessert Never Came

We had a marvelous Saturday as a family, tromping through a corn maze (both girls fell asleep) and getting pulled on a cow train. We petted rabbits, saw baby goats, and got nice and muddy.

We capped off the evening with a dinner out to celebrate the passing of a big test for Scott. School is over but the tests continue for residents.

It was THE strangest dinner out ever.

Just the facts:

  • There is no menu.
  • There are no set prices, though we knew from reviews on Yelp what we could expect to pay.
  • We ate on a patio with peppers and tomatoes growing from the rafters over our heads and some recycled water guppy pond next to our table.
  • We appreciated the funky ambiance and patted ourselves on the back for finding such a cool place to eat.
  • We were getting a late start on dinner and were famished, so we happily devoured the salad and pasta and fish they brought out in turn.
  • Because the other courses had come without warning or explanation and we had observed a table receiving dessert, we patiently awaited its arrival at our table.
  • And then we waited some more. The girls were getting restless by this point. It was past bedtime for them.
  • No waiter in sight. There aren’t really waiters anyway, but no employee showed a face on our patio for a Very Long Time.
  • Nearby diners started to get shifty and I saw some furrowed brows and shrugged shoulders as other couples discussed their options.
  • Finally, a full half hour had gone by and I marched inside the door and into the kitchen and asked someone if we were going to be served dessert or if we could get a check.
  • I was told by a random dishwasher, “Oh! You are done. Just pay at the front whenever you’re ready.”
  • It takes a lot to frustrate me, but as I hauled our patient children out of there and paid whatever the guy at the front decided to charge… I vowed never to return to a restaurant quite that funky again.
  • Scott agreed.

About beanland

Scott is a family practice doctor and Anne is a full-time mother and teacher to three beautiful girls and one boy.
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