Preparing for Homeschooling (4-6)

Gearing up for homeschooling is a slow process around here but it’s been rewarding.

Here is the second installment of the 10 things we’re working on. Read the first installment here.

4. Narration

While I read aloud, or whenever Mackenzie reads to me, I ask her questions about what we’ve read. Often it just serves to get her more excited about what’s coming next, but sometimes I discover she has missed a key part of the plot because she misheard or misunderstood a word. We clear things up before we move on.

I think this will be a useful tool down the road because it allows me to check up on the reading she does independently.

5. Patience

I’m not talking about the kind of patience that is needed when your preschooler asks (yet again) if dinner is ready yet at 4pm, though I sure could use a deeper supply of that as well.

I’m talking about the patience that it takes to set a goal and accomplish it in tiny little interrupted bits over the course of days and weeks.

We hope to have lots more children and homeschooling with little ones underfoot requires the patience to continually return back to a task or a goal when diaper changes, mealtime messes, and meltdowns pull you away.

When I look back on the list of books I’ve read to Mackenzie over the course of time, it’s impressive. But on any given day, “one thing after another” can encroach on reading time until 5 minutes is all we can squeeze in. And that is OK! There are more days.

Homeschooling success requires pacing yourself, from what I gather, and I’m working on mastering that skill.

6. Mornings

Oh my, my mornings were rough. They still are some days, I’ll be honest.

Working full-time from home, I was used to jumping on my computer as soon as Mackenzie was asleep, and typing away until I couldn’t keep my eyes open. Then I’d sleep in as long as I possibly could and emerge from bed bleary-eyed and disoriented to a bouncing, bushy-tailed little girl. It wasn’t ideal in terms of sleep, but it was survivable.

Now? I know I am a much better mom when I wake up before my girls, read my scriptures, start breakfast, and get myself ready for the day.

The key for me is still getting to bed at a decent hour, and I still have lots of progress to make in this hour. (Translation: I still blow it on a regular basis, but I try to wake up early the next morning anyway.)

I need to establish much better habits in this area to be ready to hit the books with my children right after breakfast.


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Scott is a family practice doctor and Anne is a full-time mother and teacher to three beautiful girls and one boy.
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