Time flies on wings of lightning

Written on May 2nd, 2012

Sometimes I don’t blog because I’m just barely keeping my head above the water.  Other times I don’t blog because I’m so excited about life and in pausing to write about it, I’m afraid I’d miss something!

I’m happy to report, I’m solidly in the latter category these days.

There’s something about coming out on the other end of 10 weeks of morning sickness that puts a spring in my step and optimism in my outlook. Suddenly, I can tackle the world and all the problems big and small that have been piling up as I have focused on keeping everyone fed and hugged.

Never mind the fact that I haven’t suddenly turned into superwoman overnight… it’s all relative.  After months of survival mode, a single day in which I manage to catch up on laundry AND take a spontaneous picnic to the park = heroic.

Things I’m excited about right now:

– A last-minute vacation of epic proportions coming up.

– I made Mackenzie a “big pillow”.  “Big” is really understating things a bit.  Our whole family can pile on it for scripture study at night, and she delights in leaping onto it from all climbable furniture, burrowing in it to read books, and tipping Caitlyn onto it.

– I’m reading a stack of excellent books, and I’m hooked on American Experience documentaries which are readily available online and from the library.  When I am productive with my free time, I feel recharged when it’s time to be “on” as a mom again.  When I fritter it away, I find I’m reluctant to dive back into diaper changing and read-alouds. (Clarification: When I’m pregnant or have a newborn, nap = productive.)

– Caitlyn’s vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds and she has me laughing every single day.  It’s such a pleasure (and often a surprise) to hear what is going on in her head.  A few examples:

She frequently declares “watch out!” after bumping into a couch or a toy on her way to her destination.  This cry of alarm is nearly always directed towards an inanimate object.

She is randomly passionate about a book we checked out from the library last week.  As soon as the last page is turned, she starts with “again! again! read!” and then begins urgently quoting snippets from the book “come back Aloo-ki! Sleepy! Boots! Just right! Bye bye!” The book is on the large side and she’s constantly carrying it around and knocking into things (watch out!) and shoving it into my lap for more reading. 🙂

I’ve had to stop doing Mackenzie’s hair during breakfast because Caitlyn will enthusiastically join in with “combing” her own hair (with oatmeal). “Pretty!”

– I’m gearing up for homeschooling.  After an inspiring trip to Cincinnati for a homeschooling convention, I ordered lots of goodies online and I plan on starting our “kindergarten” year in June.

– Mackenzie is all signed up for soccer for the fall.  I’m usually very sparing with any extra activities we do, but I think she’ll love being on a team and I can’t wait to see her on the field!  Her first game is three days before the baby is due, so it should make for an exciting season just getting her on the field. 🙂


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Scott is a family practice doctor and Anne is a full-time mother and teacher to three beautiful girls and one boy.
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