Dwim Doot

Caitlyn is developing her own tastes, but maintains a strong desire to be like her big sister.

Her absolute favorite article of clothing right now is Mackenzie’s swimsuit. It is the perfect accessory to any outfit and I make no objections to putting it on her anytime she brings it to me. I can always use a good laugh. 🙂

She definitely has the thighs to pull it off:

Another big hit at our house right now is Yellow, a stuffed animal made by one of the young ladies at our church.

(That picture gets me every time.)

Another way Caitlyn is taking after Mackenzie is in her love of books.

Unfortunately she also loves to munch on a certain corner of board books when left unsupervised so we have many a “Caitlyn-eared” book in our stash. I see that as a small price to pay though. 🙂

I’m so proud of the way Mackenzie has grown into her big sister role. She tries to be a good example to Caitlyn and is a fantastic helper. She can put on her little sister’s shoes and pajamas already… now to work on the swimsuit skills.


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Scott is a family practice doctor and Anne is a full-time mother and teacher to three beautiful girls and one boy.
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One Response to Dwim Doot

  1. Lonica says:

    Speaking of a love a books… how old was Mackenzie when you started reading her “chapter” books? What books did you start with (I think I might recall Charlotte’s Web)? What might you recommend? Just curious…

    P.S. Mackenzie looks awfully old in that last image, but she’s a cutie.


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