Checking out my belly

I’m now 35 weeks pregnant and the following people are sure I’m having a boy:

– My mail lady.  She is a constant source of entertainment for me because she’s very nosy.  When she spotted me outside a few months ago, she demanded that I turn around slowly in circles so she could properly assess my belly. The Verdict? She’s fairly sure it’s a boy.

– A taste test lady at Costco.  Not only is she convinced it’s a boy but she also confided to me that she’s sure my husband wants a boy. (Scott was not present on this particular trip to Costco so it was up to me to assure her in front of my daughters that he would be thrilled to have another girl.)

– A woman sharing my raft from Tom Sawyer Island at Disney World last week.  She said I’m “so pokey” that it must be a boy. 

– The lady standing behind me in Costco today.  She said she couldn’t tell I was pregnant from behind and she carried the same way with her boys.  Side note: She opened the conversation with “Are you just feeling ready to pop?!” Not a promising beginning.

– Several family members at the Bean reunion in Washington State two weeks ago. Apparently I’m carrying high and that’s a definite boy indication.

Notice a trend? All of the above are calling the gender based on the appearance of my belly.

The following people are convinced I’m having a girl:

– The vast majority of Bean family members, based on family history: Scott’s brother has 5 girls and a boy, and so far we are 2 and 0.

– The vast majority of MacAskill family members, based on family history: Out of 10 grandchildren, 9 are girls.

– Scott. The plan is for him to announce the gender in the delivery room, but I’m pretty sure my only indication that it’s a boy would be the sound of Scott hitting the floor in shock.

Me? I’m feeling like my odds are 50-50. 😉

About beanland

Scott is a family practice doctor and Anne is a full-time mother and teacher to three beautiful girls and one boy.
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4 Responses to Checking out my belly

  1. Lauar says:

    This is too funny! Girl or boy, this baby’s coming home to a houseful of love :). Best wishes and many blessing during you last few weeks and especially on your baby’s birthday!


  2. Simeet Gandhi says:

    best wishes from me too! And I agree, girl or boy the baby will come to a house full of love.


  3. lol. well i carried high with miles and low with julian. i always thought it was fun hearing everyone’s guesses! best wishes for the last few weeks and a beautiful birth!


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