Pregnancy Scorecard

Written September 9th, 2012

I have been holding off on writing this post because I still lack a recent maternity picture, but I was grateful I wrote up my experiences with my previous pregnancy when I reviewed it recently.

Hopefully pictures will follow soon!

The Scorecard

Anxiety – I have close to zero anxiety this time.. I’m mainly just excited! I know I’ll have to re-learn how to hold a tiny little baby again, and there are some question marks in my mind: How will I handle an epidural-less labor this time around? When will this baby decide to come? Will I have to be induced after all? Will this baby be a major spitter, projectile vomiter, or have trouble breastfeeding? Ok so I might have a *little* anxiety after all. πŸ™‚
Baby activity – I have another incredibly active baby this time around. It’s definitely a blessing, though sometimes I wake up with the baby doing the backstroke and somersaults in my belly.
Band of fire – With my last two pregnancies, a swath of skin across my belly at the base of the rib cage was on fire and eventually turned completely numb before delivery. I have had zero trouble with that this time around.
Contractions – I’ve been having them pretty consistently since before 30 weeks, but they’re only painful if the baby is in a funky position at the time. Since I was induced with my last two pregnancies, I’ll be interested to see if/when I can tell the difference between the real deal and my every day contracting.
Diastasis Recti – It would still be very visible if I was to sit up, but after doing some online research I determined I need to not strain my abdominal muscles during pregnancy so I take care not to sit up. Instead I roll on my side and push up with my arms.
Excitement – Through the roof. I am so excited to find out the gender and to introduce this baby to Mackenzie and Caitlyn. Caitlyn is enamored with babies and Mackenzie is already taking her “biggest” sister role very seriously.
Fitness – I’m not feeling as fit as with previous pregnancies, but I have been trying to get out and walk 2-4 miles a day.
General discomfort – Really not much of this until the last week or so and now it’s just the expected aches, pains and twinges.
Migraines – None this pregnancy! Hooray!
Morning sickness – It started much earlier (5 wks) and lasted much longer (until 15-17 wks) this time around. Bleh.
Reflux – not as bad as last pregnancy. Only occasionally kept me up at night.
Restless legs – about the same as previous pregnancies. Starting around halfway and helped immensely by wearing compression stockings.
Scott – So supportive, helpful, encouraging, and appreciative. I’ve had a harder time with feeling like a lump on a log with my long stretch of morning sickness and he was my hero every day. Now that the baby’s arrival is near, I can tell he’s all lit up inside to meet him or her. πŸ™‚
Stretch marks – No new ones thus far this pregnancy, but the ones on my belly from Mackenzie’s pregnancy seem more pronounced.
Support stockings – Still as wonderful and horrible as they were with my previous pregnancies. To ward off restless legs and varicose veins (I have a predisposition for both), I started wearing them at 30 weeks this time. I feel so much better when I wear them, but it’s frustrating to have to wear pants every day in the summer (or look like a loon with socks, shoes, and β€œbeige” or black stockings). They’re hot (temperature-wise) and I am self-conscious about my hips because I’m always having to keep track of so many layers there that I feel like something is always exposed or bunched up. I have been opting for knee-high athletic compression socks instead many days of the week just because they are less of a hassle.

For those interested, wearing compression gives me much more energy, especially at the end of the day. I get no swelling in my ankles or feet, and my restless legs at night are much improved. I buy these maternity support hose and these rockin’ athletic support socks.

Weight Gain – I’m pretty sure I’ll be around the same as last pregnancy, ~25 lbs total with most gained early on and then leveling off about 2/3 of the way through.

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Scott is a family practice doctor and Anne is a full-time mother and teacher to three beautiful girls and one boy.
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