Fall in a Hurry

Fall is our very favorite time of year in Columbus.

The cooler temperatures are very welcome after a cookin’ summer and when leaves change and add color and drama to regular landscapes, we just can’t stay indoors. Add to it soccer season and the fabulous produce coming on, and we are one happy family.

On Saturday, we took advantage of Scott’s day off and my still-pregnant condition and tried to squeeze in a lot of our fall traditions before a newborn lands at our house.

Stop 1: Farmer’s Market!

We snagged the last-of-summer corn, concord grapes, tomatoes, and scored a dozen huge red bell peppers to roast and pack away in the freezer for winter sauces. Our sweet girls charmed an older farmer and he presented them each with their own sack with a free ear of corn each and a red pepper to share. Caitlyn was delighted and insisted on dragging her (poor) sack all over the market.

While there was some winter squash available, we were probably a week or two early for peak fall selections. Bummer.

Stop 2: Apple picking

Again, we were a week or two early for this, as our favorite Jonathans were available for picking but just slightly on the tart side. If we are going to pick and sauce hundreds of pounds like last year, they’ve got to be ripe. We settled for 50 lbs, which we split with our neighbors. We hope to be back next weekend to pick the rest.

I can’t resist a trip down Memory Lane when it comes to traditions:

Mackenzie in 2009

(2010 captured in video here)

Mackenzie in 2011

Mackenzie in 2012

Caitlyn in 2011

Caitlyn in 2012

Stop 3: Home

Naps and food!

Stop 4: The Maize

We hit this at the perfect time! The corn maze was nice and high and the night wasn’t too cold or crowded because we were at the very beginning of the season.

Oh our girls loved jumping on the “pillow” and riding in the cow train. They were troopers as we trudged through the corn maze for an hour or two, Scott running ahead to explore every nook and cranny and letting us know which path was right.

We have lots of memories in that maze from past years. There was the time I was toting a newly born (and hungry) Caitlyn while Scott anxiously searched for the exit. And last year’s romp in ankle-deep mud as I wrestled with the umbrella stroller and tried to reassure Mackenzie that the mud stains would come out of her clothes. (She’s sort of a neat one.)

This year was similarly memorable as we were the only ones in the enormous, eerily quiet maize and I was so largely pregnant. We brought glowsticks to surprise Mackenzie and when they didn’t work at all that sweet girl was convinced they were glowing “just a little” and she thanked us over and over and doggedly used that non-glowing glow stick to light her way. 😉

Even with Scott scouting ahead at a jog, the maze still takes at least an hour and a half to get through!


About beanland

Scott is a family practice doctor and Anne is a full-time mother and teacher to three beautiful girls and one boy.
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