When You Are 2

Trucks and buses

Our next-door neighbor gets on and off a school bus twice a day at the end of the block and it causes great excitement in our house. When we hear the rumble down the street, someone inevitably announces, “There’s Megan’s bus!”

Well yesterday, Caitlyn (2), baby Daniel, and I went grocery shopping while Mackenzie was at Joy School. A huge firetruck pulled into the parking lot as I was unloading kids from the car and the firefighters rolled down the window, waved and smiled at us. Caitlyn waved back and I prompted her to “say hi”. To the bewilderment of those firefighters, she grinned really big and shouted enthusiastically, “HI MEGAN!!!!”

When you are two, and your friend rides a school bus, she just might be on board anything that rumbles. 🙂

On the Hello

Caitlyn loves to talk on my phone. She calls it my “hello” and begs to be included in conversations. This morning after I put Daniel down for a nap I needed to call to schedule a doctor’s appointment for him and I shushed Caitlyn as I dialed. “I need to make a call for Daniel.”

As soon as someone picked up, Caitlyn started clamoring to join the conversation. She kept shouting, “Hi Daniel! Hi!!!” She tugged on my arm, begging to talk to Daniel the whole time. Meanwhile tears are rolling down my cheeks from suppressed laughter as I finalized the date and time of the appointment with the receptionist.

When you are two, it’s very possible your mom calls your 6 week old brother on the phone for a chat.


About beanland

Scott is a family practice doctor and Anne is a full-time mother and teacher to three beautiful girls and one boy.
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