Her little voice

Originally written as a draft November 20, 2009 – updated and published March 24th, 2013

Since she was born, Mackenzie’s voice has made my knees weak. She has this little sing-song trill to it that is so delicate and feminine.

Now that she’s speaking in sentences and repeating whole phrases, I’m in love with hearing her say certain words. For example, I don’t think you’ve truly lived until you’ve heard my daughter say “pumpkin”.

I live in fear of the day when she properly says “guacamole” and “teddy bear” and “piano” because I live and breathe by “mahcamole” “beddy bear” and “piananano” .

Here is a recording of her singing (click the photo to play the short video):

Updated to add:

Well the dreaded day came and went. “Teddy” sits on her bookshelf and she’s starting “piano” lessons in the fall. But hey, our whole family calls guacamole “mah-camole” so there is that. 🙂

I have discovered that every phase (so far) of this parenting journey brings with it new and wonderful things. No, she doesn’t trip over her words and add cute inflections to everything that comes out of her mouth… but oh, the things that come out of her mouth now! Great questions, insightful observations of the world around her, and opinions all her own.

At the age of five she is a wonder to behold and I often find myself in awe of the things percolating in her mind.

I even secretly love her clandestine visits during her afternoon Quiet Time to tell me what happened in the book she’s reading. Last week’s Indian in the Cupboard and this week’s Wizard of Oz frequently had her bursting with stories to tell me. Although she’s supposed to wait until Quiet Time is over, I can hear her start to hum with excitement upstairs and inevitably she comes tumbling down talking a mile a minute. She wants to include me on all the adventures in the book and introduce me to all the characters she’s met.

Talk on, Lady!


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Scott is a family practice doctor and Anne is a full-time mother and teacher to three beautiful girls and one boy.
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