Sorry for the confusion!

I’m so sorry that my recent posts alarmed some of you.  I wasn’t clear enough that Caitlyn was in the hospital back in February and is currently enjoying excellent health. 

Thanks for your concern and again, I’m sorry that my blogging lag was confusing. I wanted to document it publicly in case it helps someone else identify the same warning signs in their little one.  I couldn’t find anyone online with a similar experience when I was up all night googling and worried myself.

I’ll finish writing up her hospital stay when I can. It was a scary and difficult time for our family, but it has a happy ending. 🙂


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Scott is a family practice doctor and Anne is a full-time mother and teacher to three beautiful girls and one boy.
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11 Responses to Sorry for the confusion!

  1. Anita says:

    It sounds like an awful ordeal, and I’m looking forward to the happy ending. I figured there was a lapse when you described having spoon fights with Mackenzie. Spoon fights with a five year old? aha.


    • beanland says:

      Yeah I’ve been digging out drafts from past years and posting them lately, in an attempt to get a photo book together that is based on my blog.

      And even somewhat current stuff is likely not written up for at least a few months (as was the case with Caitlyn’s UTI). That’s just my blogging reality right now! It takes a backseat to life.

      Thanks for rolling with it. 🙂


  2. krystal says:

    What happened with your daughter and her UTI? My daughter currently had an unxplained fever and is only 15 months old.


    • beanland says:


      I’m sorry to hear about your daughter. How high is the fever? My children have only had unexplained fevers higher than 102 three times. Twice were cases of roseola and both times they had the characteristic rash show up on day 4 or so. In the case of the UTI, there was never a rash, cough, etc. just high fever, irritability, and as I noticed in hindsight… a tender back and crying when she urinated. Hope that helps and that your daughter feels better soon!


      • krystal says:

        It is 102.1. She has a runny nose but has had one for a week which I have figured was due to teething. Other then that no rash,cough,etc. Yesterday she was fussy and really sleepy. Not lethargic but very sleepy. She refused her snack and dinner last night too.


      • beanland says:

        I hate that gray area with young kids when they are sick but they can’t communicate just how sick. If it were me I’d probably wait a few more days since her fever isn’t that high (though it’s high for teething, in my experience). You have to go with your gut though and get them checked out if something doesn’t feel right to you.



  3. Roxanne says:

    Hey, I am so glad I found this my 13 month old just had pylenophritis and was hospitalized. Only a pediatrician saw her at the time but even on strong antibiotics she was still spiking massive fevers. They never called in a urologist. It turned out that her left kidney and ureter were so swollen they expected at least a stage 3-5 case of VUR. After for days off antibiotics they got a VCUG done but no signs of reflux. She has been out of the hospital for a week now and still on anti biotic s. They said the odd thing was it was the simplest strand of E coli that caused it, and any anti biotic should have knocked it out. They also told me it was a very unique case being the initial non-response to the Rocephin IV. She was on them 3 days before the fever broke. The same day they released her was her last day of IV Rocephin. The urologist never saw her but we have an appointment scheduled Mon. The night after we got home she broke into cold sweats. Her temp drops to 95-95.5 (ear and forehead) when she sleeps lately (97 rectal) and then tonight (still on keflex) she stated working towards low grade fever again 99.9. I am going nuts with worry. What did the results end up being for your Caitlyn? (Mine is Katelynn.) We have family history of reflux and UTI/kidney infections. Please let me know I am on pins and needles. Her Dr doesn’t believe her core temp gets that low -but 4 diff thermometers say other wise.. she is my third and I am not a over cautious mom.I just feel like they may have missed something.


    • beanland says:

      I’m so sorry you’re going through this with your own little girl! (And, I’m sorry I never wrote part III. I honestly didn’t notice until you pointed it out… yikes.)

      The ending was definitely happy. My Caitlyn’s timeline was like this:

      Monday: Start spiking fevers with irritability.

      Friday: Continued high fevers, tested positive for UTI, start oral antibiotics.

      Saturday: Still very sick, intermittent fevers, continuing oral antibiotics

      Sunday: Sicker, high fevers, and ultimately heading to the ER with a fever of nearly 105. Admitted with IV antibiotics and pain killer.

      (Rough night)

      Monday: Still miserable sick with lots of pain and persistent (but lower) fever. Kidney u/s showed no damage and no anatomical reason to expect reflux causing recurrent UTIs in the future. Hooray!

      (Still having a hard time resting peacefully, though the IV pain medication really helped.)

      She still wasn’t eating or drinking much at all and the doctors were pretty firm on her staying at the hospital until they got a handle on her fevers and until she was drinking again.

      Tuesday: Her fever broke, her appetite came back, and we were discharged from the hospital that night with oral antibiotics. She slept well that night for the first time since she initially got sick. She improved dramatically in the next few days and was as good as new by Friday.

      That was a year ago and she’s had no hint of a UTI since then. I hope things improve quickly for your little one!

      On Thu, Feb 27, 2014 at 7:14 PM, Adventures in Beanland wrote:



  4. Roxanne says:

    Thank you!!! This eases my worry tremendously. Do you know what bacteria caused hers?


    • beanland says:

      Tricky question. We had saved her urine sample we collected at home on Friday night in the fridge and we brought it to the hospital on Sunday night. They said they didn’t want it, sent me home (my husband stayed with my daughter) and then they called and asked me to bring it after all. After being on antibiotics for two days, they couldn’t grow anything from a new sample, and they managed to grow some Ecoli from the old sample but not enough to be conclusive.

      On Thu, Feb 27, 2014 at 8:16 PM, Adventures in Beanland wrote:



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