Still here

As the slew of nutrition related posts continues, please know I haven’t gone off some sort of vegetarian deep-end. 🙂 I’ve just been trying to focus on capturing the content of this short-term healthy group while it’s fresh in my mind.

To those who visit the blog for updates on our family and/or pictures of your grandchildren, please know that I will be back to our regularly scheduled blogging in the future.

Hmmm… maybe irregular and unscheduled would be a more realistic prediction based on past performance? At any rate, my “normal” blogging will indeed resume.

I am focused on jotting things down in our family journal and taking photos every month or so to capture this wonderful season of having three little children. But actually blogging about it seems to require 25 hour days for me!

Here is photographic proof that life continues to be exciting and good to us:

Caitlyn is riding the glider bike now, taking very tiny steps and puttering around the yard “beep beeping” anyone that comes remotely near her.

Mackenzie and I continue to enjoy doing art together as part of her homeschool. I’ve always shied away from attempting anything artistic because I know I’m not “artsy” and frankly I don’t like doing things I don’t do well. But I wanted to show Mackenzie that it’s ok to just dive in and try something new without being perfect at it. She tends to be a perfectionist and is easily frustrated with her limitations and I know exactly where she gets it from. 😉 Getting out of our comfort zone and creating together has been a wonderful thing for both of us. Here is a quick (shadowy) snapshot of part of a sketch I did of Daniel. I later used chalk pastels to finish it.

Speaking of chalk pastels, they are a five year old’s dream. Messy and colorful and grown-up!

My children are oh so different. Caitlyn dumped 1800 (according to the package) hair ties onto the rug in less than one second and Mackenzie cheerfully offered to help me pick them up… and then insisted on sorting them by color as she did so. Eventually, I had to cut her short and just coax her into scooping the rest into the bag. She would have sorted every one, I think!

As a reward for filling up our family “kindness jar”, the girls opted for an extra pizza and movie night where they could have free rein over the pizza toppings. Free rein ended up being cheese, pineapple, mandarin oranges, asparagus, tomatoes, two colors of bell pepper, and diced apple. They ate so many toppings while making their pizza that Mackenzie didn’t even taste her finished pizza that night. She was too full.

If Mackenzie is using the white board for school and I get distracted, all bets are off.

When I find more hours in my day, I have a post planned for price comparison on homemade muesli vs. store bought cereal.

… and a tutorial on homemade whole wheat tortillas!

Our Easter was lovely and featured carrot cake waffles and for dinner, fish, honeycomb, hummus, pita, and grape juice. We also had gifts for the whole family and balloons to celebrate.

I left my children for 36 hours(!) and went to a homeschooling convention. It was time well spent but I missed Daniel, especially. Pumping is just not the same. Incidentally, my friend fed her baby my pumped milk while we were there since she lost her supply and now uses formula. What do you think? Cool or weird? I was happy not to have to pour it down the drain.

This charmer now has two teeth but you’d never know. He doesn’t put anything in his mouth to munch on and drool all over. Since we do self-feeding he really hasn’t had any solid food and he’s now 7 months. Hmmm… c’mon, kid!

He is now mobile and an expert army crawler and barrel roller. The “long arm of the law” now snags anything and everything left out. It’s making my girls much more motivated to put their things away!

He is still a chunka and so good natured and adorable that we just love on him all day long. Wouldn’t you?

This trooper gets some stroller time every day while Mackenzie and I work on her “marathon in a month” goal.

Him too. And his extra chin. 🙂

Love this lanky lady. She’s maturing every day and is a marvel to behold.

I’m trying my best not to be so smitten with this one that she gets away with everything. Drama seems to follow her wherever she and her mischief-making ways go. Yesterday, she fell down nearly an entire flight of stairs while trying to sneak her blanket down them. Today? she lost control of a tricycle down a hill in our front yard and crashed it into the street. Naturally, a car was coming and I was across the lawn juggling a diaper bag, two used diapers, two cans of pumpkin, and an expensive camera while trying to unlock the front door. I dropped everything and ran, the car saw her and stopped, and she ended up with hardly a scratch on her but I think I lost a year of my life from the stress it put on my heart.


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Scott is a family practice doctor and Anne is a full-time mother and teacher to three beautiful girls and one boy.
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4 Responses to Still here

  1. melanie says:

    Anne, Thanks for the pictures. I can’t believe how tall MacKenzie is getting! And Caitlyn sounds like an imp for sure. Keep lovin on them! I bet you’re an amazing mom to be around all the time. 🙂


  2. denise says:

    hi, great posts about food and food storage! Where are you off to next? Done with residency this year? Job or fellowship? (sorry if you already posted about it. I follow but sort of loosely. I can’t keep up).


  3. wendeerosella says:

    Awesome, Anne! I swear, our kids are so much alike, it’s crazy. Vienne and Mackenzie, thoughtful, sweet, kind… Everett and Caityn, adventurous, ambitious, sometimes mischievous… and Vernell and Daniel, cheerful, happy, smiley, with only two teeth! I love seeing the comparisons! Your family posts are very much wanted, but your healthy-eating posts are great too. 🙂


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