What Ten Year Olds Look Like

Both of my girls were more or less bald for the first year and a half of their lives, so having a baby with hair is new to me.

Caitlyn, at nearly a year old. Photo by Meghan MacAskill

I knew that Daniel was getting a tad shaggy and told myself that when he had his first birthday, I would probably need to give him a little trim.

That turned out to be easier said than done because he’s a wiggler and I’ve never really cut a boy’s hair with scissors. I held my breath and I may have even shut my eyes at one point.

Scott laughed when he came home, and said our son looked like Jim Carrey.

Apparently I “Lloyded” his only man child.

Of course now that a few weeks have passed and I’ve adjusted to the New Daniel, when I see pictures of The Hair before the trim, I have to laugh at myself for letting it get that long.

The other day when I was commenting yet again how much older Daniel looks now, Mackenzie agreed wholeheartedly and even took it up a notch, “Yes! He looks like he’s ten!” šŸ™‚

We all laughed, of course, because the idea of Daniel being ten is absurd.

It set me to thinking, though… even the idea of Daniel being a toddler is absurd. After all, it was last week that this boy had baggy knees and curled into a ball of sleep most of the day.

Slow down, Time!

I will admit that he’s taking lots of steps, which is a bit “toddleresque”.

And he has had his hair cut.

And he’s had a birthday.

But he doesn’t even own shoes yet*! Toddlers wear shoes.

Plus, I don’t know many toddlers with double chins. Case closed.

*I realize that he won’t wear shoes unless I actually buy him some and put them on his feet. But he’s just not old enough for that yet! If you see him at the age of five, still barefoot, you’ll know why. šŸ˜‰


About beanland

Scott is a family practice doctor and Anne is a full-time mother and teacher to three beautiful girls and one boy.
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