Things We Do (these days)

In my last post, I wrote about things we did in May. But I think as I look back on this season of life, I’ll treasure fewer of the special things we did during a certain month and more of what we do in regular life.

Here are some snippets I want to remember.

We Have Late Nights

My kids get the chance to earn a Late Night. It’s 15 or 20 minutes (depending on how many checkmarks they’ve earned) and they make the rules. It starts after their siblings go to bed and they can choose one or both parents to spend that time with and up to two activities to do.

On this night, Caitlyn picked running in the sprinklers with Daddy.

Scott was excited.

(I have dozens of great photos of this, but I am pretty sparing about the pictures I’ll post publicly of my kids when they are less than fully clothed. )

Mackenzie often chooses listening to me or Scott read aloud while she eats a big bowl of homemade banana ice cream (our favorite healthy treat… mmm).

We look adorable in our sleep

I can’t resist the cuteness of my kids sleeping.

We eat like kings (sometimes)

Scott still loves to cook. When he does, it usually takes a very long time and looks and tastes amazing. This is a kohlrabi salad that he and I ate around 11pm one night.

(For those keeping score at home, we don’t eat cheese very regularly but those are aged parmesan shaved triangles on top, along with sliced kohlrabi, apple, toasted hazelnuts and fresh mint.)

We dress up

At any given moment, there’s a good bet that at least one of our kids is wearing fancy shoes, a tutu, or a hat. Caitlyn, in particular, emerges from her closet wearing the most amazing combinations.

Dressing up like Daniel is a favorite pastime, since all three kids can wear his clothes:

One evening, the girls were having a hard time finding motivation to pick up the house and I commented that they needed a hero to help them.

They got one! Scott strode in to save the day wearing a cape and mask. He has a talent for voices and stayed completely in character, and when the room was clean he excused himself to go rescue someone from a burning building. Scott came back sans mask and cape several minutes later and claimed no knowledge of any hero. The girls ate it right up and I’m not sure I’ve ever loved my husband more. 🙂

We love our snuggly blankets

Daniel enjoys rubbing his cheek on his blanket. I melted the day he found it hanging out to dry and kept visiting it. 🙂

We especially like our snuggly blankets when we’re sad. Side note: Little kids get sad a lot. I had no idea before I became a mother.

We I occasionally take pictures of myself so my kids know I was there for their childhood

We lose teeth

Well, one of us does. The rest of us celebrate enthusiastically, lest the kids catch on to the fact that I’m secretly creeped out by the whole concept of losing teeth.

We play in the yard

We climb trees…

… and sometimes we get stuck.

We ride bikes. (We usually wear helmets, though! Not sure what happened here.)

See? Helmet. 🙂


About beanland

Scott is a family practice doctor and Anne is a full-time mother and teacher to three beautiful girls and one boy.
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  1. Laura Hatch says:

    I love this post. We sure miss you all!


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