Making Memory Work Fun (with printables)

In my experience, kids love memorizing things. It’s fallen out of fashion in most schools, but learning rhymes, songs, lists, odd facts, etc. naturally appeals to all of my kids (so far). In addition, they have a far easier time committing things to memory than I do.

I often used songs, rhythms, or hand motions to help in memorization in the past, but I stumbled upon a blog with a brilliant idea. Here is where I’m wishing I could dig up a link to give credit… but alas, I can’t find it. Basically, this woman printed out cards with different fun memory techniques and let her kids pick those to keep things fresh. Because I’m fussy and I do things the hard way sometimes, I made my own set with different pictures and changes to the games.

We use them almost daily and the kids LOVE to pick cards. We memorize the parts of the excretory system with a southern twang, balance on one foot while we recite all the helping verbs we know at top speed, play “hot and cold” while reciting a poem… you get the idea.

I did add one thing that proved to be very helpful: After I printed out the cards on cardstock and cut them, I stuck a sticker on the back of each card that was “scripture appropriate” before I laminated all the cards. About half of the cards are perfectly fine to use in any context, but some are downright irreverent or too rowdy for the breakfast table. 🙂 Now when I fan out the cards, I can tell the kids to pick a sticker card if we’re reciting scripture. Easy.

Though I wish I could cite the original source here, I’m still going to include printables for the cards we use:





(I’ll kill the suspense here and say there is no “Memory Printable 1”. Oops. 🙂 )

Here is one more resource with 85 memory work ideas… that should help keep your memory work fresh!

Tomorrow I’ll write about what we memorize and how we keep track and review.

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Scott is a family practice doctor and Anne is a full-time mother and teacher to three beautiful girls and one boy.
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  2. janeen says:

    thanks for sharing my memory work links!!


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