Quick 36 Week update

My 7 year old obliged me by taking a quick picture of my beautiful belly:

And then, she even got one with my face in it! 😉

I am looking tired there, but for the record… I actually feel pretty darn great. Baby is head down and I’m measuring right on. My weight gain this pregnancy is pretty much the same as it has been with all my others and my blood pressure is nice and low. Actually, maybe it’s a little too low since my doctor jokes that she always needs to check if I’ve still got a pulse. 😛

Since I posted my goals a few weeks back, I have been so motivated to get after them that I had to make sure to post the updates I planned on. It’ll keep the fire lit, I hope.

To Do Before the Bean Baby Comes!

Walk 60 miles. I want to be fitter for labor and recovery. Pushing a double stroller around our hilly neighborhood will definitely help.

19 so far and based on how sore they made me, my fitness is definitely improving.

Finish Duolingo Spanish. I have about 30 lessons left, and if I’m shooting for the stars, I’d like for my “tree” to be all gold! The kids all love to do this with me and I can do it while putting my feet up on the couch so it’s a win all around.

I haven’t missed a day in two weeks and I have 17 lessons left. Woot!

Pack my hospital bag. This is harder than it sounds because it involves digging into all the packed away baby stuff AND buying Depends at the store. *Gulp*

Bag packed…except the Depends.

Finish my “speedy photo catchup” blog posts (and use these to bring our current blog book up-to-date. I’m currently two years behind!)

One more done, several to go.

Buy a chair to nurse this baby in.

Did lots of looking online and concluded I really need to go sit in some. Trip up to Portland planned this Thursday, in which we are packing in lots of errands.

Update my blog cookbook. It’s way overdue and I have a pile of great recipes we use all the time to add.

No progress here yet.

Dentist trips for everyone. Actually not everyone. I think I’ve decided that kids with no adult teeth yet are probably good with just a checkup every now and then so Caitlyn is off the hook this time around.

Made three appointments… but my pregnancy brain didn’t check my schedule very well first so I’m going to have to cancel and reschedule. Oops.

Annual doctor checkups for all three kids – I crossed this one off my list when I realized I could just buddy them up with newborn checkups in the coming months. Our doctor will see two kids per appointment. Sweet!

Ask a friend to be on call to watch my kids when we head to the hospital. Another tough one for me this time around. Since we moved to Salem, nobody has really imposed on me so I feel a little funny about asking for help. During medical school and residency, it was commonplace for the wives to ask and give real sacrifices of time and sleep and sanity for each other.

She was super nice about it and her number is now on a sticky by the phone. Yay!

Finish the kids’ summer reading programs. We absolutely love participating in the challenge over at Exodus Books but I upped the ante this summer: Caitlyn had to read a book to me before putting it on her list, and Mackenzie had to narrate each book before putting it on her list. Those were two skills I really wanted them to work on, both in their willingness to do it and their capacity to do it well. We’ve seen big improvements thus far but it means the final week of the challenge has them each scrambling to jump through my hoops to finish the 35 quality books needed to claim their gift certificates. Phew!

One of my daughters was down to the wire on this but we got ‘er done.

Rotate all the kids’ clothes for fall. This is not a chore I want to tackle while recovering from giving birth.

No progress here yet.

Buy pictures for Scott’s office. His walls are still blank after two years. Yikes.

All the pictures are chosen, printed, and currently sitting on my counter. Thursday we’re going frame shopping.

Stock up on a few great ebooks to read while nursing. Suggestions? I love reading something worthwhile in the wee hours of the night when I’m up anyway with a baby. My iPhone saves me.

Done! Anne of Green Gables, The Screwtape Letters, Bleak House, Anna Karenina, Common Sense… I should have plenty to choose from.

Cut Daniel’s hair. I’m not very good at it yet, so I procrastinate, but I’m determined to figure it out.

Not yet and his bangs are starting to obscure his vision. Ha! I will need to cut the girls’ hair as well, I noticed today.

Inventory our freezers. I’ve been experimenting a bit with freezing extra meals lately but I actually have no clue what we have on hand now. When you don’t eat like most people, very few of the “freezer cooking” tips and recipes apply but I’ve been making some headway on figuring out what works for us. Nope.

Master a new Suzuki piano piece. I just started Book 3 and the difficulty level jumped quite a bit!

Good progress here but it’s a tricky song (for me). It’s a good thing I really enjoy playing the piano. I wish I had discovered that fact years ago…

Play musical beds. We have three bedrooms, two beds, a crib, a pack and play, two couches, and an air mattress and I’m not at all sure who will end up sleeping where when this baby arrives. I prefer sleeping in the same room with the baby. Scott doesn’t sleep at all if he’s in the same room with the baby. The girls are currently sharing a bed but don’t love it so one invariably ends up on the floor. We’ll have guests for the first month or so (hooray!) and Daniel is still sleeping in the crib. Hmm.

I came up with a workable plan. Now just to start scooting stuff around.

Get another 3-4 weeks of homeschooling under our belts. We’re in week 5 of our school year right now and we plan to take every 7th week off this year, plus some more time off for newborn craziness. I don’t want to wind things down too early though, because our school schedule is a sanity-saver for me! Too many unstructured days in a row and everybody is worse off. Also, I know I’ll feel more free to throw light days in as needed if we’ve already had rich learning experiences this year.

2 weeks down! This week is a break week.

Enjoy the fun stuff already on the calendar. Scott is running the massive Hood to Coast relay this weekend, we have tickets for Free Museum Day, plans to spend Labor Day weekend with great friends in Bend, and tickets to the State Fair.

Update my labor music playlist. I never did use this during Daniel’s birth since I wasn’t even checked in when I was dilated to a 9, but surely it will come in handy this time around. I’m trying to mentally prepare for a longer labor at any rate and Norah Jones should help.

Done! I even have a special song for this baby and Scott contributed a winner to the list as well. Based on the number of views on that video, apparently I’m the last person on earth to hear that song. It’s not the most relaxing but it’ll be good for early labor when I need a laugh. 🙂


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Scott is a family practice doctor and Anne is a full-time mother and teacher to three beautiful girls and one boy.
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  1. And think of adventures for Baldy & kids. You need to top this:


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